Each member of this new, mysterious guild has a different backstory, for they all come from each of the 7 unique timelines. Each memeber has been given a new codename based upon the rumors around Fiore.

They all go through many different hardships and this leads to many different events taking place such as Kotoman leaving the guild and his siblings Kaimon and Kyumi; Jamie discovering that he can transform into a lean yet still muscular humanoid version of himself; Arthur learning from more wizards and gaining the ability to make energy arrows; and Chuck acquiring a pair of headphones similar to that of Laxus which amplify his powers. They all then decide that in order to continue their search, they first need to eat, find a place to stay, and maintain their personal hygiene (which all cost money). This, whether by coincidence or fate, causes them all to take the same job. Their mission was to eliminate a gang's crime ring based in Fiore's Capital, and the 7 wizards (Orion, Jamie, Alycia, Kaimon, Kyumi, Arthur, and Chuck) crushed the gang's base along with their operation.

Since they worked so well together, they all decided to make it permanent. They then formed Black Omega and began discussing who they were and their different backgrounds, and (after going on multiple jobs concerning the time situation) eventually revealed their true intentions to each other. Agreeing that this was no mere coincidence, they all vowed to find the source of this disturbance in time and return their timelines to normal.

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