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Plot Basis Explanation

This story surrounds not only Fairy Tail, but the members of Fiore's newest guild - Black Omega - as well. Each member has a different backstory, for they all come from different timelines. In Fairy Tail, there are many alternate timelines (universes) that exist. Each universe is unique in its own right. There are 8 universes and 8 new stories:


1: Main Fairy Tail Timeline

2: 10,000 Dragons Timeline where Natsu goes END.

3: Timeline where our story takes place.

3: Orion Sapphire and Jamie's timeline- Orion trains with Natsu, Igneel, and the long lost 8th Dark Fire Dragon (Magmal), and hatched Jamie. He takes care of Jamie until the two are fully grown and are ready to take on anything the world throws at them.

4: Alycia Sensacion's Timeline- Natsu goes E.N.D., kills Zeref, goes on a rampage throughout Fiore, and then gets killed by Gray who rebuilds Fairy Tail (as the new guild master) and teaches Alycia, Ice Demon Slayer Magic.

5: Arthur Cross' Timeline- magic is all but lost in his time. However, including himself, there are a select few who still master in the practice through the powers of both special implants and magical items.

6: Kotoman, and Kyumi, and Kaimon Senketso's Timeline- In this universe, dragons, gods, demons, and humans coexist but the dragons and gods only bestow their magic on a select few humans which they believe to be worthy. Kotoman and his brother Kaimon went all around the world learning from each and every single one until finally mastering all of the light elements- Kotoman learning from the gods, Kyumi from the demons, and Kaimon from the Dragons.

7: Chuck Base's Timeline- In this timeline, humans and dragons coexisted peacefully and there was a dragon for every element in existence. Chuck learned his magic from the Sound Dragon, Sonus, and lead a happy life.

8: Darren E. Clouse's Timeline- The effects of the Eclipse Gate from Fairy Tail winning the Grand Magic Games (combined with an actual eclipse causing interference with his illusions) unlocked his Second Origin, gave him telekinesis (to add onto his illusion magic), and caused him to age from a 12 year old into a 19 year old.

Everyone lead their happy lives until something terrifying occurred: Dragons declared war on humanity. With time running out for the human race, they all traveled back in time in order to determine how this came to pass. However, this timeline (the 3rd timeline) is different; for in this timeline, none of them exist, magic is widespread, and dragons are nearly extinct. They are all determined to change the future, but their has only just begun.

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