In this universe, dragons are not extinct but lay dormant in secret temples based in the source of their element (Ex: Water Dragon being based deep underwater). Orion Sapphire was an orphan- living alone and abondoned- until he found the Fire Dragon Igneel and became his new pupil alongside Natsu Dragneel. He excelled in his teachings, becoming Natsu's long-time rival and good friend. Natsu always worked hard in order to catch up to- and eventually beat- Orion. However, this all fell apart when Orion and Igneel had a falling out (Orion found out that Igneel knew what happened to his parents, as they were killed by bandits, and was angry because he didn't tell him) and Orion left to go train under the Dark Fire Dragon, Magmal.

Code name: The Komodo
Full Name: Orion Sapphire
Age: 19
Magic: Dark Fire Dragon Slayer
Guild: Black Omega
Role: Next in line to be Master

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